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This site is intended more as a "sounding board" for ideas or notes for projects currently (or previously) being worked on. As such it's not really intended as a portfolio of applications I've developed. And as such it's more of a case of what's known in psycchology as the "Cobbler's Children Syndrome" rather than an ideal web site (What does the phrase "the cobbler's children" mean you might ask? Well, click the link to see).

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Professional Summary:

After much discussion with co-workers and friends, I (along WITH the help of some special friends) came up with the title "Abstract Solutions Architect" (One of the original suggestions was Abstract Solution Specialist but that acronym simply would NOT work!).

To paraphrase one longtime client:

Mike has the ability to step outside the box and look not only at the problem presented, but also to find out what the UNDERlying issues really are and what is really needed (as opposed to is wanted). As such, Mike's solutions sometimes come from WAY out in left field but virtually are usually better than other proposed solutions.

Mike's grasp of technology and the real world is such that he can explain technology to the technically illiterate in such a fashion that the solutions to their problems will not only work for them but will be usable by them as well.

Ok enough of that. Basically, you could say that I'm a Senior Information Technology Professional with extensive experience in the design, architecture, development and integration of mission critical systems.

For most of the last 16 years I've focused on Web and Internet technologies on the Lotus/IBM Notes/Domino platform, 12 of which have been primarily as a Lead Web Architect to a major global pharmaceutical company.

However, more recently I've been working in the Government sector as a developer both in the Lotus Notes and SharePoint arena. My most recent position was as the Chief Application Architect of a Chemotherapy Ordering Management System for the Veterans Administration, using PHP and SQL for the back end with Javascript (mostly Sencha's Ext-JS library) for the front end.

I've been a guest lecturer at numerous nationwide conferences on Lotus Notes/Domino and Web Architecture, with respect to advanced client-side application development as well as at several international conferences including Lotusphere.

I have a strong background in eBusiness/Internet application architecture, application deployment and infrastructure architecture. Emphasis on front end user optimization.

Excellent problem solving and decision-making capabilities.

Excellent interpersonal relations, communications and people skills.

Proven effective interface and relationship builder between technical organization and customers and users of all levels.

So if you ever run into me at a local conference, drop by and say "Hi"

For more details at a professional level, please check out my latest resume.

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